1.     How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the "Register" link at the top right corner of the homepage. Please provide the information in the form. You can review the terms and conditions and other policies and submit the registration form to get registered.


2.     Are there any charges for registration?

No. Registration on Grabvia.com is absolutely free.


3.     Do I have to necessarily register to shop on Grabvia?

You can browse and add products to the cart without registration as well but only registered shoppers will be able to checkout and place final orders. Registered members have to be logged in at the time of checking out, they will be asked to do so if they are not logged in.


4.     Can I have multiple registrations?

Each email address and contact phone number can only be associated with one Grabvia account.


Account Related

1.    What is My Account?

My Account is the section you reach after you log in at Grabvia.com. My Account allows you to add multiple addresses, also see your past order history and update your contact details.


2.    How do I reset my password?

You need to enter your email address on the Login page and click on forgot password. An email with a reset password will be sent to your email address. With this, you can change your password. In case you face any further issues kindly contact our customer support team.


3.    What is Reorder option under my accounts?

Customer has option to reorder the products already purchased from Grabvia.com. Its a easy way to add daily useful products to cart with one click.


4.    What is Store Credit Options in My account?

Store Credit is simply Virtual Currency issued by Grabvia.com which can be used to purchase various products on Grabvia.com. It does not have monetary value. Grabvia.com issues cash back in forms of Store Credit to your Grabvia account. Read more about it here.



1.    What are the modes of payment?

You can pay for your order on Grabvia.com using the following modes of payment:

a. Cash on delivery

b. Credit & Debit Cards (VISA / Mastercard / American Express)

c. Net Banking (33+ Banks)

d. Swipe Card On Delivery

e. Store Credit


2.    Are there any other charges or taxes in addition to the price shown? Is VAT added to the invoice?

The VAT is included in the MRP of products. There are no additional taxes added by Grabvia to your order. The prices you see on our product pages are the prices you pay. There is a delivery charge of Rs. 25 on orders below Rs. 499.


3.    Is it safe to use my credit/ debit card on Grabvia?

Yes it is absolutely safe to use your card on Grabvia.com. An additional authentication password code verified by VISA or Master Secure Code which has to be entered by online shoppers while paying online using visa or master credit card. It means extra security for customers, also Grabvia uses Alpha SSL certification for further protection of user data and to run transactions smoother giving you more security.


4.    What is the meaning of cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery means that you can pay for your order at the time of order delivery at your doorstep. You can order upto max. Rs. 5000 under Cash on delivery option. Above Rs. 5000 you must choose other payment options.


5.    If I pay by credit card how do I get the amount back for items not delivered?

If we are not able to deliver all the products in your order and if you have already paid for them online, the balance amount will be refunded to your account through which you have made the payment within specified time under refund policy or you will be issued coupon for the same amount. Please call customer care to know more about the same.


6.    Where do I enter the coupon code?

Once you finish adding products to your cart after when you click on cart icon on right hand top of page wou will see all cart items and there you will see a box where you can enter any e-voucher / coupon code that you have. The amount will automatically be deducted from your invoice value.


Delivery Related

1.    When will I receive my order?

Once you are done selecting your products and click on checkout your order will be delivered to you on the day. If we are unable to deliver the order during the specified time duration (this sometimes happens due to unforeseen situations) we will provide you 5% of your order value as coupon for later use.


 2.   How are the fruits and vegetables packaged?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are hand picked, hand cleaned and packed in use and throw plastic bags which are eco friendly. We ensure hygienic and careful handling of all our products.


 3.   How are the fruits and vegetables weighed?

We properly weigh all the fruits and vegetables before packing. In some cases the weight of the fruit or vegetables might be more than specified, in such a cases customer has to pay difference amount. For example, if you order cabbage 1 kg which will be weighed by us and sometimes the weight is higher or lower that 1 kg. In such a cases you will be charged extra or less for the same as per weight.


 4.   How will the delivery be done?

We have a dedicated team of delivery personnel and a fleet of vehicles operating across the city which ensures timely and accurate delivery to our customers.


 5.   How do I change the delivery info (address to which I want products delivered)?

You can change your delivery address on our website once you log into your account. Click on “My Account” at the top right hand corner and go to the “Update My Profile” section to change your delivery address.


 6.   How much are the delivery charges?

Delivery is free for orders above Rs. 499. For any orders below that we charge Rs. 25 as a delivery fee.


 7.   Do you deliver in my area?

You will be intimated via sms, email at every stage of your order processing, right from order confirmation till the dispatch.


 8.   Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?

In case of a delay, our customer executive will keep you updated about your delivery. Additionally you will recieve coupon for your next order.


9.    What is the minimum order for delivery?

There is no minimum order for delivery but we charge a nominal delivery charge of Rs. 25 for orders below Rs. 499 in value.


10.   Do you do same day delivery?

We do same day delivery provided you place your order before 5 pm on the day you want delivery. Please note that we do same day delivery in Surat only.

Customers also has option to get ordered delivered in particular set of hours. In such a cases customer has to inform us the timing in which he/she would like the products to be delivered as per their conevnience. For example if you are working couple ordering from Grabvia.com, we understand that in such a cases nobody is at home in working hours. So for your convenience we drop the order at your specified hours.


11.   What is Same Day Delivery?

Grabvia has now started same day delivery. All you have to do is order before 5 pm and we will deliver it to you the same day evening*. Any order placed after 5 pm will be delivered the next day. For example if you place the order before 1 pm your order will be delivered after 5 pm. But, if order is placed after 5 pm you will receive it the next day. Please note that we do same day delivery in Surat only.


12.   Is Same Day Delivery applicable to only a few products or all products?

The Same day Delivery is applicable to our entire range of products. Please note that we do same day delivery in Surat only.



13.   What is Delivery Slot?


Delivery slot is predefined slot or timinga at which we make delivery. Right now there are four delivery slots are available each day and customer can choose any particular delivery slot as per thier convenience. This way customer gets thier delivery on the particular time (between delivery slot time) and customer does not have to wait for delivery.



Customer Related

1.     How do I contact customer service?

Our customer service team is available throughout the week, all seven days from 9 am to 7 pm. They can be reached at +91 9537 97 3861 or via email at customerservices@grabvia.com


2.     What are your timings to contact customer service?

Our customer service team is available throughout the week, all seven days from 10 am to 7.30 pm.


3.     How can I give feedback on the quality of customer service?

Our customer support team constantly strives to ensure the best shopping experience for all our customers. We would love to hear about your experience with Grabvia. Do write to us at info@Grabvia.com in case of positive or negative feedback.


4.     How do I raise a claim with customer service for any of the Guarantees - Delivery Guarantee, Quality Guarantee?

If you face any issues with price, quality or delivery of products we will take every measure to address the issue and make it up to you. Please contact our customer support team with details or your order as well as the issue you faced.



1.    Do you have offline stores?

No we are a purely internet based company and do not have any brick and mortar stores.


2.    Where can I find current offers & promotions?

There is a link “Current Offers” below on the website along withvarious other links. All products with any discount or promotions are listed under this section.


3.    What do I do if an item is defective (broken, leaking, expired)?

We have a no questions asked return policy. In case you are not satisfied with a product received you can return it to the delivery personnel at time of delivery or you can contact our customer support team and we will do the needful.


4.    How will I get my money back in case of a cancellation or return? What are the modes of refund?

The amount will be refunded to your Grabvia.com account to use as wallet money in your forthcoming purchases. In case of credit card payments we can also credit the money back to your credit card. Please contact customer support for any further assistance regarding this issue.


5.    I am a corporate/ business. Can I place orders with Grabvia.com?

Yes, we do bulk supply of products at special prices to schools, restaurants and corporates. Please contact as at corporate@Grabvia.com to know more.


6.    I’d like to suggest some products. Who do I contact?

If you are unable to find a product or brand that you would like to shop for, please write to us at customerservice@Grabvia.com and we will try our best to make the product available to you.


7.    How & where I can give my feedback?

We always welcome feedback, both positive and negative from all our customers. Please feel free to write to us at customerservice@Grabvia.com, or call us sat +91 9537 97 3861 and we will do our best to incorporate your suggestions into our system.